5 Billion in Diamonds (Butch Vig, etc) team with Jimmy Chamberlin for “A Thin Line”

5 Billion in Diamonds, the trio of Garbage drummer and alt-rock producer Butch Vig, Bristol producer Andy Jenks, and DJ James Grillo, are back with a new single, "A Thin Line," that features Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and feels like a '60s psychedelic film score by way of Gary Numan. You can watch the video below.

"We wrote 'A Thin Line' about the difficult choices people make, the paths we choose to walk," Butch says. "We recorded the choir-like mantra over Jimmy Chamberlin’s groovy drums, and channeled some Pink Floyd, John Barry, and ELP into a trippy, sonic serenade.”

Jimmy adds, "Butch knows my drumming very well and when he asked me to do this track I knew it would be a good fit. And it was! Great tune with a thought provoking message."

"A Thin Line" is a vinyl-only bonus track available on the new double LP edition of 2020's Divine Accidents. which also features The Soundtrack of Our Lives' Ebbot Lundberg, The Ocean Blue's David Schelzel, and Massive Attack collaborators Damon Reece, Sean Cook (both also of Lupine Howl) and Alex Lee.