$57 million value of MDMA found in sausage-making machines

Australian Border Force ficers discovered practically half a tonne MDMA stashed away in sausage-making machines in Sydney, with the road worth clocking in at $57 million.

According to ABC, Australian Federal Police (AFB) then took over proceedings, changing the MDMA with counterfeit drug packages after which directing a "managed supply" to a grocery store in Auburn, New South Wales.

Following the AFB operation, three males have been arrested and are dealing with life sentences. All the boys concerned are mentioned to be with a "bigger syndicate" distributing medicine to the Sydney market.

Last month, the state New South Wales got here beneath scrutiny for mistakenly double-counting drug busts, one thing that will have been used to justify police crackdowns.

$57 million worth  MDMA discovered in sausage-making machines
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