aku’s “rose gold in paris town” gets a stunning video

NY-based artist aku recently added the visuals for his latest hit “rose gold in paris town”. aku mixes pop rap and hip hop genres, creating beautiful compositions sprinkled with profound poetic lyrics. An incredibly unique sound, “rose gold in paris town” has already been playlisted by many curators and quickly gained tens of thousands of views and streams across all platforms. 

aku’s style is very distinct, rapping and singing take turns in the melodic flows in his songs. He expresses huge support for his audience and shows how one can overcome difficulties and pain through art. Versatile and heartfelt, aku’s music has conquered the love of many. 

aku is also an actor and a model with several appearances in Vogue magazine. He believes humor and satire to be powerful tools in changing the status quo and uses it heavily in his art.

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