Alright Alright's "Don't Worry" Is an Ode for Unity in Troubling Times (premiere)

Alright Alright is a husband-and-wife duo comprised of Seth and China Kent. Based out of Denver, the couple's latest album, Crucible (out 23 October), is folk at its most free-flowing. More musically broad than inward-looking, the Kents explore tones and accompaniments throughout these compositions that make for a fresh and genuine listening experience. "Don't Worry" is a tonal, piano-centric arrangement that incorporates moody synths to set the mood. Alright Alright's emotion is palpable as they navigate the brooding number, which they discuss further with PopMatters.

China says, "This song was one of those rare and gorgeous songwriting moments that make us artists want to keep going. I don't remember if I had been asleep or if I couldn't sleep, but either way, I came downstairs to the piano after the household was abed. I had a sliver of an idea in my head, 'In the middle of the night, in the middle of a dream, you came to me'—and I knew that I had to push through and find the rest of the song right then and there."