Amirah Continues Her Mission To Unite People Through Music With Her New Release “Tell Me”

A new pop release, "Tell Me" from inspiring bicultural artist Amirah, is a unique aesthetic call for unity and peace. Especially considering the time of the release when US elections are the central theme for many, the song's message is really empowering. The artist sings our feelings about the world with heart fulfilling sincerity and soul-stirring vocals. The core themes of "Tell Me" do not really differ from the main theme of her previous release, "You Are My Land," a song about the struggles her home country Malaysia has been facing. On "Tell Me," the questions she raises are universal and relevant to the whole world, but the core idea is the same; what are we doing to this beautiful world that was gifted to us? 

Amirah sings: "The more I understand of this world, the less I understand it," this is the feeling every human gets when growing up and facing realities we have never expected to come across. Amirah herself has seen a lot, and her releases reflect those experiences she had. But instead of breaking down and losing the morals in the face of harshness, she, as a true artist by nature, used the damaging experiences to deliver positive messages of love and unity. If you feel you're in an endless search for meanings and answers, give "Tell Me" a try to make you feel more understood. Just a warning: the visuals for the song are so cinematic that you will find yourself lost in the infinite beauty of the heart-pumping scenes of the music video.