Argentina’s Rising Star Juan Minatta Releases Yet Another Emotional Single Titled “best of me”

One of the most prominent singers from South America Juan Minatta represents the mellow emotional songs that pack heavy emotions, misfortunate relationships and heartbreaking moments. His latest release comes with a devastating track called “best of me” where Juan Minatta channels his inner emotions in a fantastically performed track that will potentially resonate with anyone who has been in a romantic relationship. 

Unlike his peers, Juan Minatta writes and performs from his heart without ever trying to polish or embellish his past experiences, which gives his tracks an authentic expression that is so relatable for the listener. Musically, Juan Minatta enjoys a simplistic instrumental background to focus on the power of his emphatic voice and ability to transcend his emotional message through his vocals. 

Juan Minatta is the modern James Blunt, Jaymes Young and Phill Collins combined, however, the talented Argentine gives his own original take with each of his songs that makes him so unique and far-reaching. His new single “best of me” is now out and available to stream and purchase. 

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