Berlin-Based Indie-Electro Band RADIORGASMO Release New Music Video For Their Single “Joker”

Berlin adoptive Venicitians who form the band RADIORGASMO are releasing a new music video for their recently released hit single “Joker.” Freedom, revolution, utopia and protest, are some of the elements that define their music, but also the root of their activism and desire to share messages with the audience. The will to imagine a kind of music that would be free from boundaries and labels is extremely well translated into “Joker,” a single that comes served with visuals that even elevate the feeling produced by the music by capturing mass protests all over the world. Overall, the “Joker” experience, on all levels, is a challenging and radical one, and undoubtedly supports the fact that we need more artists capable of going beyond music to awaken the listener and create new possibilities for humans to actively work towards reducing injustice and violence.