Billy Nomates announces new LP ‘CACTI’, shares “balance is gone” video

Billy Nomates is following up her great 2020 debut album with CACTI, due out on January 13, 2023 via Invada Records. Made during lockdown, Billy addresses all manner of political topics on the new album, including the lingering apathy of the pandemic. "70-80% of being bold is about being vulnerable as hell," she says.

“Writing CACTI took just over a year," says Billy (real name: Tor Maries). "I wrote very intensely and then none at all. (This seems to be the way I work best). I picked up old drum machines, mapped out things in my kitchen with the same small micro keyboard I always use and then raided the cupboards and rooms at Invada Studios, to play and experiment with old synths, an upright piano, this weird organ thing. I hope everyone finds their own narrative in CACTI. I think it's about surviving it all.”

CACTI includes this year's "Blue Bones," and she's just shared excellent new single "balance is gone," which is another terrific example of her unique blend of styles, including post-punk, new wave and modern country. “It’s a lot to ask, balance," Billy says of the track. "Does anybody feel on kilter? Has anybody achieved all that harmony? I don't think it's a unique chase. And some days, it's good to acknowledge it got up and left the room.”

Watch the "ballance is gone" video, directed by NWSPK, and check out CACTI's artwork and tracklist below.

billy nomates cacti

1. balance is gone
2. black curtains in the bag
3. blue bones (deathwish)
5. saboteur forcefield
6. roundabout sadness
7. spite
8. fawner
9. same gun
10. vertigo
11. apathy is wild
12. blackout signal