Bossa Nova Civic Club closed indefinitely after fire in building, GoFundMe launched

Bushwick nightclub Bossa Nova Civic Club is closed indefinitely after a fire broke out on the third floor on Wednesday night (1/12). An all hands alert for 1271 Myrtle Ave was sent out to fire departments around 8:45 PM, with a message following at 9:30 PM that the fire was under control.

On their Instagram stories, the club wrote, "As you may have heard, there was a very serious fire in the 3rd floor apartment of our building. A tenant was seriously injured and sadly another tenant's dog did not survive. The building sustained significant damage and it's safe to say we will be closed for a notable amount of time. We will update soon. Thank you so much for 9 years of support and friendship. Gratitude to @juliancduron and FDNY for saving a couple of lives."

Julian wrote in an Instagram story, "There was an alarm going off upstairs, after it didn't go off I went to check and there was smoke under the door... when I opened the door (miracle it was unlocked) their whole kitchen was in flames up to the ceiling. I yelled into the apartment -- no response -- 911 -- I ran to Bossa grabbed extinguishers -- John, myself and my office mates tried to put it out with extinguisher but it was too big already and we were choking so we ran outside... the FD showed up then we noticed there was someone in the upstairs window trapped. They pulled her out on the ladder literally 5-10 more seconds and she would have been dead. Unfortunately their dog didn't make it... if I wouldn't have heard the alarm the fire would have taken the whole building down. Thankful for everyone's safety :("

UPDATE: A GoFundMe has now been launched to raise money for staff and a restoration of the club. It reads:

On the night of January 12th 2022, a tragic fire occurred in the 3rd floor apartment above Bossa Nova Civic Club causing a tremendous amount of damage. The apartment was completely obliterated by the fire. One person is seriously injured and currently in hospital. Additionally one of the tenants tragically lost their dog.

We are raising funds to support the staff, bar and tenants.

This space is a second home to a lot of us and has cultivated many careers, friendships and chosen families. Bossa has endured but survived an extreme amount of adversities, during a pandemic no less. This level of harm needs the full backing of the community to restore. Please help us, thank you.

You can donate here.