Both Dark and Beautiful: Felons Releases New Single “Sheep’s Wool”

Who said that love and sincere feelings cannot be dark, bloody, but delightful at the same time? Singer-songwriter Felons has certainly got a point to prove here with the release of his latest single “Sheep’s Wool.” With a combination of deep lyrics, mesmerising guitar sounds, and Felons’ vocal melodicity, this track is the love ballad that you need this autumn. 

Being raised in a family passionate about Rock-n-Roll, Felons found himself being highly influenced by bands like Biohazard, Agnostic Front, and Madball. This is when the artist started developing his unique taste and signature in music: authenticity, a mix of sounds and genres, as well as hard-hitting and relatable lyrics. If you are looking for an artist to share your heartbreak, your deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets with, Felons and his latest single are a perfect fit for you! 

“Sheep’s Wool” is all about setting your wildest thoughts and feelings free. Accompanied by beautiful guitar sounds, Felons’ pleasing voice takes you to another universe where wandering souls are looking for a remedy to their broken hearts. Pouring his heart out in the track, the artist tells an appealing but yet deeply personal story of ups and downs in the most sincere, genuine, and relatable way possible. 
With previous successful releases such as “Urban America” and “Cybernetic Organism,” this promising artist is rapidly building a base of loyal listeners by sharing his deepest and darkest, but yet wonderful stories with the audience.