Bouncing Souls reissue self-titled LP for 25th anniversary (exclusive coke bottle clear vinyl)

The Bouncing Souls' classic self-titled album (their third LP and first for Epitaph) came out in 1997, and we're psyched to be teaming up with them for a new 25th anniversary pressing, on exclusive 140g coke bottle clear vinyl and limited to just 300 copies. Pre-order yours HERE while they last!

Here's more about the album, from our list of 23 great punk and pop punk albums from the pivotal year of 1997:

New Brunswick punk heroes The Bouncing Souls have been one of the most reliably great punk bands around for 30 years. Like H2O, they always kinda straddled the line between hardcore and pop punk and continue to be loved by fans of both, and they've only made subtle adjustments to their sound over the years, which is totally fine when your music is this distinct and this loved. Since 2001's cleanly produced How I Spent My Summer Vacation, the "pop" side has been more out in the open, but the line was blurrier on their rawer, harder early material, like their 1997 self-titled LP (their third album and first for Epitaph). Bouncing Souls are one of those bands where they've got so many albums that different fans consider their favorite (my personal fave is How I Spent My Summer Vacation), but the self-titled is a very popular pick, and for good reason. You pretty much can't go to a Bouncing Souls show today without hearing s/t classics like "East Coast! Fuck You!" and "Kate Is Great," and those are just two of the several certifiable rippers on this album. Whether it's a raw, hard-hitting, pogo-inducing album like this one or a ballad from later in their career, Greg Attonito's shout is unmistakable and it makes you fall in love with the Souls all over again every time you hear it. And the simple yet effective interplay between bassist Bryan Kienlen and guitarist Pete Steinkopf (Greg's right and left hand men since 1989) sounds as timeless on this album as it ever did before or since.

The Bouncing Souls have their annual Stoked for the Summer show coming up next month in NJ, at Asbury Park's Stone Pony Summer Stage on July 16, with Joyce Manor, Hot Water Music, and The Ergs!.

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