Brian Cullman Gets Bluesy with "Someday Miss You" (premiere)

"Someday Miss You" is taken from Winter Clothes, the latest release from New York City-based singer-songwriter Brian Cullman. Tracked with a core band featuring Ollabelle's Byron Isaacs and (also the Lumineers), Glenn Patscha, and the late Jimi Zhivago, the LP retains a loose, relaxed vibe that recalls classic records of the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially those emerging from England at that time.

"Someday Miss You" isn't exactly blues, but it's a beautiful approximation of the blues, tinged with traces of folkish psychedelia and a striking Englishness that perhaps comes as little surprise given Cullman's appreciation for and affiliations with Nick Drake (he opened for the late singer), John Martyn and Sandy Denny. "Someday Miss You" taps into the spirit of Pink Floyd in the time between David Gilmour joining the band and the group solidifying its direction via Dark Side of the Moon but it also recalls Humble Pie in its earliest hours and has flashes of Martyn's quiet brilliance as displayed on his life-altering London Conversation.

This is a blues for the new century, and the 2020-centric images in the video remind us that there's something timeless about the mournful qualities of that musical genre and that though, here, it may have moved from the Delta to the banks of the East River, it's the same, comforting sounds.