Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ashley Sienna Claims Her Space As The New Pop Diva With Her New Release “My Phone Died”

The pop scene has a new diva, and her latest release leaves no doubts about the place she will have in the pop dome. Niagara Falls, Canada-bred singer-songwriter Ashley Sienna released one of the most promising pop anthems, a new pop single called "My Phone Died." Even the name of the song has that pop spirit that constantly grabs the genre lovers' attention. 

Ashley's recent release is filled with energy and youth. The ideas she presents in the new single are pretty impressive. "My Phone Died" has an infectious and catchy melody and spreads feel-good vibes. The perfectly detailed approach to the song indicates the artist's full dedication to what she does and her passion for music. 
As a winner of several prestigious awards in Canada and being featured on the radio in London, Ashley Sienna has a background lots of starter artists would dream of having. She is currently preparing to release her full EP named Out Of My Head, which promises to be her most personal work yet. The young and talented artist considers the EP the most important project she has ever worked on. The result we saw on "My Phone Died" gives us hope the EP will be as good a release as the single. The pop world looks forward eagerly to new projects from Ashley.