Danny L Harle

Danny L Harle chews pop music into a sugary sludge. From the effervescent radio refractions of his early singles for PC Music to more recent tracks for Rina Sawayama and Charli XCX, he melts down familiar forms into their basest… Read More

Blanck Mass

For the past decade, Blanck Mass has used the hallmarks of ambient electronic music to create albums that refuse to be relegated to the background. The solo project of Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power often alternates between dreamlike soundscapes… Read More

Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars believe in the creative potential of chaos. “Music is a strong anarchic force,”Jan St. Werner, a member of the duo, told the New York Times in 2018, effusing about its propensity for mutation and cross-fertilization. In a… Read More


Not three minutes into Like Sunlit Threads, the Scottish producer Mark Kastner tells us he’s disappearing. Amid the hum of rainforest fauna, his voice pitched down, he describes feeling as though he’s “turning to smoke” and becoming “the faint wisp… Read More

Black Dresses

There’s a lot of pain, death, and destruction in the music of the Toronto noise duo Black Dresses. Across four full-lengths—as well as a smattering of EPs and other projects—Devi McCallion and Ada Rook detailed horrors both personal and cosmic,… Read More


Loshh Aje has PMA in spades. The Nigerian-born, London-based musician doesn’t recoil from the world as it is, and, in his music, searches for a way to express the inherent joyfulness of the struggle to feel okay. That’s how, deep… Read More

Pauline Anna Strom

2021 was supposed to cement the renaissance of Pauline Anna Strom. The electronic music composer originally self-released her music in the early 1980s, though it never resonated far outside the New Age cottage industry. Her music wasn’t enough to cover… Read More

Octo Octa

Maya Bouldry-Morrison has spent most of the past two years holed up in her New Hampshire log cabin, exploring the ritualistic nature of club music—the way it can lift you into heightened states of being, for example, or serve as… Read More

Black Coffee

Black Coffee’s music rarely calls for stillness. The narratives pieced together across his discography concern movement, like the journeys of transient workers on 2005 standout “Stimela,” an intoxicating rendition of the Hugh Masekela joint. Black Coffee’s work also touches on… Read More