deathcrash: Less

Tiernan Banks has declared that deathcrash’s new album is “more emo” than their last one and…hold on a minute. The album with “Wrestle With Jimmy”? The album with a nine-minute twinkle odyssey culminating in the lyric, “And if you die… Read More

Uly: 1822.demos

The stylistic son of Sly Stone, Bootsy Collins, and Maxwell, rising funkster Uly (né Rafino Murphy) invokes the progressive soul music of ‘70s fusion mavericks and their ‘90s neo-soul cubs. His vintage vision includes soft guitar licks, soulful trumpet play, basslines turned right… Read More

100 gecs: 10,000 gecs

In the seven years since Laura Les and Dylan Brady first released music as 100 gecs, they’ve been elevated to the patron saints of hyperpop: musically chaotic and poly-gluttonous, profoundly specific and yet totally random, ideal vessels of the 21st-century’s post-pastiche… Read More

Zulu: A New Tomorrow

Zulu have no time to waste. In the five-second gap after “Africa,” the reverent orchestral introduction of their debut album A New Tomorrow, but before the forceful drop-tuned power chord buzz of “For Sista Humphrey,” the Los Angeles-based powerviolence quintet raises… Read More

Bub Styles: Outerwear SZN 3

As residential districts fall prey to Bloomberg-era economic policy, New Yorkers have watched their city become a parking lot for foreign capital, a disposable plaything for the millionaire class. Chinatown Sound, a video series from Brooklyn rapper Bub Styles, is a testament… Read More