The Queens-based producer Alex Dadras has cast a wide net. Working across New York’s rap and experimental scenes, he’s collaborated with everyone from A$AP Rocky to Eartheater to Show Me the Body. In the process, Dadras has developed a unique… Read More

Kelly Lee Owens

Few artists are as adept at fusing electronic music’s warmth and coldness as Kelly Lee Owens. What makes Owens’ work so distinctive is her equal proficiency as a songwriter and producer; her vocals are as confident and captivating as her… Read More


The two Italian experimental musicians that comprise Bellows arrived at their aesthetic in a manner as oblique as their music. Giuseppe Ielasi, schooled in Derek Bailey and hardcore punk, started out as an improvising guitarist before moving into computer music,… Read More


Guy and Howard Lawrence make the kind of songs you can take anywhere: meticulously crafted and comfortably danceable, ready to serve the biggest festival slots and uppermost playlist spots with instant, PG-rated thrills. When their debut album made these two… Read More


The maverick composer and instrument builder Harry Partch once described his creative lodestar as “the actions and activities of primitive man as I imagine him.” Whether this impulse to flee modernity takes form in Constantin Brâncuși’s sculptures, Hilma af Klimt’s… Read More

Dan Deacon

If you were making a documentary about people who dye their dogs neon hues and trim their fur into the shape of the Cheshire Cat, Dan Deacon would be the first person you’d call for the score. Since his arrival… Read More


Of the artists to emerge from the first big wave of UK synth-pop acts in the ’80s, Erasure is one of the few still standing. Along the way, singer Andy Bell and synth fanatic Vince Clarke have weathered all manner… Read More

Brian EnoJah Wobble

Rather than simply releasing the music he had recorded for Derek Jarman’s 1994 film Glitterbug, Brian Eno handed over the score to bassist Jah Wobble, encouraging him to do with it as he pleased, with the results released in 1995… Read More