Celtics' 1st Rounder Robert Williams Oversleeps Introductory Conference Call

Robert Williams, the first round pick of the Boston Celtics, was considered by many a surefire lottery pick, but ended up falling to 27, a sweet spot in the draft where Danny Ainge is known to do his best work. Apart from being a knock to Williams' ego, landing with the surging Boston Celtics is an enble place to being one's career, especially under the wings of playmaking shot creator like Al Horford. Well everything didn't get off to a dream start according to ESPN.

Apparently a miscommunication between complicated by three different timezones, led to Robert Williams hitting the snooze and missing out on his scheduled conference call with his new employers, the Boston Celtics. Team officials simply couldn't get a hold of him. When he awoke, his sister notified him of his mistake, and he rushed to make amends, pleading his case in a conference call taking place an hour later than planned.

"Right after the draft, I actually ran to my aunt's house and went to sleep because I was so tired from everything," said Williams to his new employers upon "meeting" them for the first time. Never the less, Celtics management pardoned his missed call, expressing an interest to fly him in Next Friday for a proper orientation session. Even an outgoing call to reporters was hindered by poor connectivity, with Williams' asking for repetition ever so frequently during their conversation.