Chloe Shows Off Her Heavenly Vocals In“Reflections”

The world of electronic pop music is lucky to have found a new voice - the heavenly voice of British singer Chloe. Her new EP “Reflections” is a collaboration with the Australian artist and producer Seekay. Here she fully showcases her magnificent talent and skill.

Chloe grew up in London, an extremely large and diverse city, and as a child, she witnessed allsorts of music being played here and there. Her parents introduced her to RnB, funk, pop-soul, and hip hop. Her artistic nature allowed her to be the star of numerous shows and concerts at school. When she was 15, Chloe recorded her very first experimental sounds in her very own bedroom. One day at a time, Chloe practiced and honed her skills as a vocalist like one would polish a precious gemstone. 

The ethereal music and dreamy lyrics in “Reflections” is testament to Chloe’s hard work and talent pouring by the buckets. It is fascinating to see her reach her full potential and blossom into an iconic singer.

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