Chris Brown and Jacquees Are Working On A Joint Project Together

Jacquees and Chris Brown are on top their game right now, the former being on the rapid rise to the top and the latter having the best work ethic in the R & B game. The two have brought their talents together with the announcement a joint project being in the works.

The reveal came courtesy a snippet from a recording session in Breezy’s studio. Both Jacquees and Brown were recorded singing about an unfaithful girlfriend and threats directed at the object her newfound affection.  After the snippet began circulating on social media, both artists confirmed that they were working on something together.

“We dropping a mixtape f*ck it,” Jacquees tweeted on top a picture Chris Brown. The latter later posted the snippet on Twitter, adding the caption “we family so we gone f*ck this r & b sh*t up.”

Chris Brown just released his 45-song album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon on Oct. 31. He followed soon after with a deluxe version the project featuring an additional 12 songs for a grand total 57 all together. To see that he’s still able to keep the creative juices flowing so close together shows his artistic ability to constantly innovate.

It’s safe to say that this project will be something to look out for.