Cinderblock (pre-Terror, Snapcase, Earth Crisis) reunite for first-ever EP and live show

Cinderblock was a very short-lived early 1990s Buffalo hardcore band, and even if you aren't familiar with their music, you probably know some of members' later projects. Co-vocalist Scott Vogel went on to front Terror, Buried Alive, Despair, Slugfest, and more, co-vocalist Tim Redmond went on to drum in Snapcase (and Slugfest), and drummer Dennis Merrick went on to drum in Earth Crisis. (The lineup was rounded out by guitarists Karl Dutton and Phil Popieski, and bassist Clint Marriott.) The only music Cinderblock released in real time was a 1992 demo, but the band recently reconvened to give their old songs proper studio recordings, and the result is the Breathe the Fire EP, which drops October 28 via WAR Records. The EP was produced by Jay Zubricky (who's also worked with Terror), and the first taste is the new recording of "Sundial." It sounds great, and you can hear it exclusively at No Echo, who also interviewed Dennis and Tim. Here are a few excerpts:

Cinderblock started out in 1991. The idea was to have a band with two singers and for the whole band to completely go off on stage. We wanted to make it a super energetic, crazy live show. I went away to school a few hours from Buffalo that year and, if I remember correctly, we actually started the band after I went away.

[...] We were influenced by some of the newer, more progressive hardcore bands that were coming out around that time: Quicksand, Shelter, Inside Out. We wanted our sound to be heavy and energetic, but with more melody than a typical hardcore band.

[...] We all loved playing together. The only reason we split up was simply because we did not have the time to dedicate to it. Shortly after we got together, I joined Earth Crisis, Tim joined Snapcase and Scott got busier with whichever one of his 4 million bands he was in at the time!

Read the full interview and listen to the new track here.

Cinderblock are also set to open Snapcase's release show for their upcoming book Optic in Buffalo on November 4.

Earlier this year, Terror released their great new album Pain Into Power, which you can get our exclusive blue quad vinyl variant of. We've also got the Serpents of Shiva 7" on exclusive maroon-in-clear vinyl.


Breathe The Fire Tracklist
1. Sundial
2. One Too Many Times
3. Breathe The Fire
4. '91
5. House Of Pain
6. Samsara