Colin Brittain’s Latest Production “Dirty Laundry” Hits on a New Level!

A songwriter, a producer, and a musician, Colin Brittain is a man that can do it all. The creative mastermind recently dropped a new hit project titled “Dirty Laundry.” With JoJo and Parson James as the vocals to the hit single, Brittain was able to capture both artist’s souls within the production effortlessly.

The song features a calming dose of soul and R&B but comes to like an unforeseen yet much-needed touch of pop. The track has become an anthem for the year as it touches upon points that are needed to be said. Upon further inspection of the lyrics, the duo sings about the beauty behind a satisfying relationship and the supportive nature one can offer to one partner. Even though many go into relationships with plenty of baggage, this should not be a reason for judgments.

With such a heavy topic, Brittain was the way to go for its production. His rap sheet includes writing and producing for several artists such as Papa Roach, Hands Like Houses, 5 Seconds of Summer, and many more.