DaBaby Jokingly Steals Fan’s Wallet (And Returns It): Watch

DaBaby is impossibly smooth.

's antics when he's out and about in the world are just as entertaining as his music. Sometimes he does things that are hilarious, . Sometimes he does things that are heartwarming, like gifting a fan an autographed pair of sneakers. And of course, one cannot forget . 

While that last incident was initiated by someone filming him and testing his gangster, a more recent case of someone filming him while shopping ended on a more playful note. In a now-viral tweet, a woman shared a video of DaBaby strolling through a mall with his entourage. When DaBaby realizes that he's being silently recorded, he approaches the camera and . While the filmer was distracted by the diamonds glistening in her face, DaBaby managed to snag her wallet. "Look how quick I took her wallet. She ain't even see me," DaBaby says before tossing her wallet back and walking off. The woman was evidently honoured to have been the victim of DaBaby's prank, as she caption the video: "YALLL DABABY WAS AT MY JOB, THRU HIS CHAINZ IN MY FACE, AND ATTEMPTED TO STEAL MY WALLET...what a good day."

For reasons like this clip, DaBaby will continue to captivate us and we will continue to stan. 

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