Dame Dash $950K Child Support Debt Will Come Out Of Lee Daniels’ Settlement

Dame Dash found a way out of this one.

Dame Dash has found himself making headlines in recent times and unfortunately, it hasn't been for the greatest reasons. In late September, he  With over $950K in child support owed in total to both of his baby mamas, it looks like he won't actually be coming out of his pockets directly.

Dame Dash $950K Child Support Debt Will Come Out Of Lee Daniels' Settlement
Andrew H. Walker/Andrew Walker/Getty Images

So, if you remember, Dame Dash had a little legal battle with Lee Daniels last year. Earlier this year, they reached a settlement in the $5M lawsuit the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella filed against Dame Dash. Thanks to that agreement, Lee Daniels will technically be paying back Dame's child support debt, according to TMZ. Donnell Suares, the lawyer for Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales, Dame's baby mamas, and Dame's lawyer Natraj Bhushan told the court that the $950K will come out of Lee's settlement agreement with Dash. 

Now that they've come to an agreement, it appears as though Dame Dash can breathe a little better right now. In the agreement between himself, Roy and Morales, Dame will be paying the women in installments of a few thousand dollars each quarter until he completely pays off his $950K debt in its entirety. Roy and Morales first came up with this plan when they decided to file a lawsuit against Daniels for Dash's guap.