Daya Calls Miley Cyrus ‘One Of the Best Voices Of Our Generation’ in Girl-Powered Takeover Tuesday Playlist

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

September is only half over, but Daya is already having an awesome month. Amid serving as a special guest on Marina's fall tour, the 20-year-old singer just hit 1 billion total Spotify streams on Sept. 16, and she recently made Billboard's 21 Under 21 list for the fourth year in a row.

With so much going on, Daya decided to call her Takeover Tuesday playlist "September Songs." While the 11 tracks make for a lovely fall soundtrack, what Daya's playlist could also be called is "Female Anthems" -- not only because 10 of the 11 are by women, but also because Daya gives all of her fellow female singers shout-outs. Like Miley Cyrus, for example, whom Daya says "has one of the best voices of our generation."

Daya also shared some love for Tierra Whack, whom the "Hideaway" singer calls "a visionary," adding that "her poetry and alliteration are so good, and her voice is so real you can feel everything she’s saying."

Other girl-powered tracks Daya included are Billie Eilish's When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? cut "Ilomilo"; Lana Del Rey's "Norman Fucking Rockwell!" from her new album of the same name; and Noah Cyrus' (ironically titled) "July." In the middle of all of these fierce women are all-male group Brockhampton, whose track "No Halo" caught Daya's attention thanks to its '90s guitar riff and hooky melodies.

Last but not least, Daya of course had to drop in a tune from her recent tourmate, Marina, whose Clean Bandit collab "Baby" is "innovative and cool," according to Daya.

Check out Daya's playlist, along with her comments about each song, below.

Dua Saleh, "Warm Pants": "I’ve put this on a few other playlists but can’t get away from this song. The production is perfect and her voice floats so effortlessly over it."

Clean Bandit feat. Marina and Luis Fonsi, "Baby": "I’m touring with Marina right now and this is my favorite song to watch every night. I love the modern melodies with her falsetto paired with the more traditional guitar, it feels innovative and cool."

Billie Eilish, "Ilomilo": "This is my favorite of Billie’s album. The melodies are so smart and production plays off of them in just as smart of a way."

Tove Lo and Kylie Minogue, "Really Don’t Like U": "I love both Tove and Kylie and love them together. The chorus is infectiously nostalgic and it feels like an undeniable dance record."

Zendaya and Labrinth, "All For Us": "Euphoria is my favorite show of the past year and Zendaya’s and Labrinth’s performances were two of the main reasons why. The soundtrack from Labrinth is especially brilliant, the production is next level. Besides this one the theme song is my favorite but I don’t think it’s on streaming services yet."

Noah Cyrus, "July": "The guitar is beautiful, the lyrics are sad and beautiful, and her tone is so good. The acoustic version was what brought me on to it and I think I might even like it better, it’s so raw."

Lana Del Rey, "Norman Fucking Rockwell": "This album is beautiful and one of my favorites of hers. The production is complex in the way it moves but traditional at the same time and the lyrics of this song especially are gold."

Miley Cyrus, "Slide Away": "When I saw a clip of this at the VMAs I was hooked right away. I think she has one of the best voices of our generation but her vocals (and production) go extra crazy on this one."

Brockhampton, "No Halo": "I loooove the '90s guitar riff. The melodies are so hooky. The way the different parts bleed into each other. This is such a good song."

Tierra Whack, "Unemployed": "I’ve been listening to this for few months but it’s still a favorite. Tierra Whack is a visionary, her poetry/ alliteration is so good and her voice is so real you can feel everything she’s saying."

Girl in Red, "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend": "I love the production on this song and her voice is just really intriguing off the bat. And the lyrics also hit home for me."