Dejhare Imagines The World Through A Lens Of The Possible On New Single “Do What You Gotta Do”

First and foremost a dreamer, the singer-songwriter Dejhare imagines the world through a lens of the possible on her latest contribution to electronic dance music titled “Do What You Gotta Do.” The promising artist talks about our shared experience through the pandemic, and elaborates her own ways of overcoming this new struggle affecting almost every single human being on earth. It is almost impossible to try to make her fit into one genre category, but if we have to describe her sonic exploration in a few words, we can label it as dance-pop, especially for “Do What You Gotta Do.” Prior to this release, in August 2020, she had dropped a dance version of her first album that listeners can stream on Spotify and titled D7. 

Dejhare’s strength lies in her ability to use music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories to share all the spectrum of emotions, both negative and positive, to create a universally relatable sound and message that reaches a striking culmination on “Do What You Gotta Do.”