“Don’t Go!” By Justin S. Grant Is As Energetic As They Come

American singer-songwriter Justin S. Grant released a powerful debut song titled “Don’t Go!,” a romantic ballad with a high-pitched chorus running through the release from beginning to end. “Dont Go!”’s simplicity is quite striking, as the display of artistry is powerful enough for a compelling release. 

Justin S. Grant is a person with interests in various sectors, which is why his rich experience as a human being provides excellent input for the song. Passion overcomes all other feelings in this wonderful release. The romantic ballad is a song that brings forth feelings of sensuality and intimacy, all delivered with a fine taste. 

Yes, there are various repetitions in the song, but they are never tiring or boring; on the contrary, they create a compelling build-up towards a superb finish. “Don’t Go!” is a perfect example of artistry employed to its utmost potential. Justin S. Grant did a magnificent job with “Don’t Go!”, allowing us to expect much more releases in the future. Let’s wait and see what more the artist has to offer!