Dungen prep first album in seven years, share “Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus”

Swedish pysch greats Dungen have announced En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog, which is their first proper studio album in seven years and will be out October 7 via Mexican Summer. If you're wondering, the title translates to "One is Too Much and a Thousand is Never Enough," and Gustav Ejstes, Reine Fiske, Mattias Gustavsson, and Johan Holmegaard have been working on the record since 2017 with producer Mattias Glavå, who also worked on 2015's Allas Sak. “We’d be in his studio, where he has all this amazing gear, and he’d be encouraging me to go with every weird idea and not to feel any pressure,” Ejstes says. “He would say, ‘Let’s use this rhythm box or this sample or this loop,’ and I’d be like, ‘can we do that on a Dungen record?’”

You can hear that experimentation on the first single, "Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus" (“The Night's Last Shimmer of Light"), which sounds both raw and complex, set against a grimy freakbeat drum loop. Ejstes says the song is about “when the fun has come to an end and you want to start over.”


En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog:
1. Skövde
2. Om Det Finns Något Som Du Vill Fråga Mig
3. Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus
4. Möbler
5. Höstens Färger
6. Var Har Du Varit?
7. Klockan Slår Den Är Mycket Nu
8. En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog
9. Om Natten