Eduard Luli Presents A New EP Love & Fear

If there’s one artist you should follow from Australia, it’s without a doubt the rapper-songwriter Eduard Luli, who’s been releasing hit after hit since 2020. After dropping “Fall,” “Stressed,” “Hit My Line,” and “Numb,” Eduard Luli went even bigger and unveiled a new EP titled Love & Fear, home to 9 heartbreak rap songs. Inspired by artists like XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld, Luli uses the medium of music to share his love stories, heartbreaks, and relationships’ struggles. 

Sonically, he displays his smooth and soothing vibes over guitar-driven soundscapes that incorporate electro elements and groovy beats. This delectable blend of melodic rap and R&B perfectly demonstrates the endless creativity and confident mindset of the very talented Eduard Luli.