Em Shares Most Personal Tracklist So Far: Pathway To Aetheria

Em has finally released her new album, Pathway To Aetheria, her most personal tracklist so far, including 8 spirituality-filled songs that will elevate spirits and expose listeners to their own introspection. 

This statement from EM herself wonderfully describes her purpose as an artist:

''Through my music, I hope to answer what people's spirits have been yearning for... peace, clarity, awareness, love. Joy, freedom, and strength." 

This beautiful collection is almost a biographical album in which Em goes over her past in full transparency, while she shares her route from trying to please everybody, to gradually taking care of her sacred energy and protecting herself from whoever would not respect her boundaries. She considers that she has been saved by spiritual forces, calling them angels, who helped her switch her focus and awareness, to directing it towards herself first rather than pouring it into others, with nothing left for her at the end. 

The wisdom and clarity emanating from such tracks such as “Fly With Wings,” “Grace,” and “The Comeback,” is quite mind blowing, especially taking into account that this is only her second album ever!