Exclusive Premiere: Artist Couple BriGuel Release Shocking and Much Awaited Visuals For “Red Ropes”

NYC based artist couple BriGuel (Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern), just released their much-awaited music video for “Red Ropes”, a battle dear to their hearts against all forms of violence, materialism, fear and racism of all kinds.

BriGuel share with us their heartbroken and heartbreaking analysis of the actual state of the world, reminding us of the absurdity of having horrific events happening in parallel to very superficial ones. They clearly point out a deep crisis in humanity’s overall behavior, while delivering a compelling fusion of pop/rap/EDM performed with great mastery.

The visuals capture a compilation of news clips from recent years while Brianne and Miguel, dressed in mourning attires, go through a myriad of negative emotions in relation to what’s being shown on the screens they are watching. Heartbreaking images of children malnutrition, migrants crossing seas, war scenes and explosions are intertwined with shots of sexy girls and Lil Pump using a money gun shooting money all over the place, successfully shocking the viewer through the display of such absurd and disconnected realities.

Featuring the highly skilled lyricist and genre-bending Hip-Hop songwriter BRBRCK, “Red Ropes” is a sophisticated blend between hip-hop, pop and electronic music, making this song the perfect dance track carrying a deep message.  

Highlighting the breadth of Briguel’s multiple talents, “Red Ropes” confirms their rise in the music world and is set to catch the attention of large audiences across the globe.

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