Fabolous Responds To 2 Chainz Battle Challenge: "You Can’t Pick Your Fights"

Fabolous has had his name tossed in the IG Battle ring, but he doesn't believe that artists, including 2 Chainz, should pick who they want to go up against.

Despite being quarantined at home in the midst of a pandemic with no true end in sight, hip hop culture is blessing fans with Instagram Live Battles. They're meant to be light-hearted fun as two artists or producers stream So far, there hasn't been a disappointing battle yet, and rap fans believe it's time for to step up to the challenge.

Fabolous Responds To 2 Chainz Battle Challenge: "You Can't Pick Your Fights"
Dave Kotinsky / Stringer / Getty Images

The rapper appeared on The Breakfast Club's recent social distancing episode and chatted about the Instagram Live Battles that have stormed social media. When asked if . "In a fun way, I think it would be cool," he said. "I ain't see my name come up that much. I seen my name come up with where 2 Chainz was I guess kinda like—I didn't like the 2 Chainz sh*t 'cause he was picking his battle a little bit. You can't pick your fights. I don't know who makes the Verzuz."

Angela Yee added that 2 Chainz has the right to issue a challenge and Fabolous can accept it. Fab replied that he wasn't aware that the other battles were people calling out one another.  "excluded himself" from battling other artists from Atlanta. "Why wouldn't you go against or or whoever? They're the trap rappers. They're your genre and kinda era. I just don't like the 'pick the fight' type of thing." 

Watch Fabolous chop it up with The Breakfast Club and let us know who you'd like to see him go head-to-head with in an Instagram Live Battle.