Florida emo-popsters Expert Timing prep new LP (stream “Kick Rocks”)

Orlando emo-power poppers Expert Timing are releasing a new album, Stargazing, on September 23 via Count Your Lucky Stars (pre-order). Having already released two of its songs, we're now premiering closing track "Kick Rocks." It's a catchy, grungy song that channels stuff like Weezer, that dog., and Superdrag through the lens of DIY emo, and here's what singer/bassist Katrina Snyder says about it:

"Kick Rocks" is an introspective song about fears, and was directly inspired by the anxiety I feel when my fear of heights kicks in. I wanted to convey how I feel in those moments and needing to carry on anyway. But it’s also about sitting with them, trying to understand them, and celebrating the split second moments and decisions where we can almost overcome them.

Listen below, and catch Expert Timing at The Fest.

And here are the two previous singles:

Expert Timing

Special Hell
Super Ordinary Unimpressed
The Bigger Picture
Life In Pictures
New Queen
Short and Sweet
Hey Friend
Homesick Hearts
I Can See You Dancing
Kick Rocks