Folly playing Northeast reunion shows before The Fest

For the uninitiated, Folly were a band from NJ like few others. They took on the daunting task of blending upbeat ska with heavy, dramatic post-hardcore and they pulled it off better than most could have imagined. Following a few demos and EPs in the late '90s and early 2000s, they signed to Triple Crown for two full-length albums, 2004's Insanity Later and 2006's Resist Convenience, and then self-released one more EP in 2008 before breaking up that same year. A few reunion shows have happened since, but it seems like right now they're making a louder comeback than ever, and the timing couldn't be better. They've been cited as an influence on a handful of bands in today's ska scene, and just last week, one of their classic songs was treated to a star-studded cover by members of multiple current ska and hardcore bands, including Soul Glo, Skatune Network/JER/We Are The Union, Gouge Away, Capra, The Best of the Worst, Catbite, and Grey Matter.

Folly recently gave their 2002 demo a 20th anniversary cassette reissue, and they've just announced three headlining tristate area shows happening in October, before they leave town for The Fest.

The shows go down at Long Island's Amityville Music Hall on October 8, NJ's Crossroads on October 15, and Connecticut's Space Ballroom on October 22. Tickets are on sale now.

Read about Insanity Later in our list of all-time essential ska albums. Watch some videos below.