Gallant Covers BoA’s ‘Only One’ for Her 20th Anniversary

The Our Beloved BoA festivities continue – and this time, we’re going international.

As part of SM Entertainment‘s continued celebration of the Queen of K-Pop™ and her two boundary-breaking decades in the music industry this month – did you see their newly launched, nostalgia-inducing Instagram account yet? – the agency is continuing to roll out their special collection of covers of BoA songs to honor her debut date.

The latest? Gallant, taking on her 2012 smash, “Only One.”

As opposed to the covers of “Atlantis Princess” by BOL4 and “Garden in the Air” by Baekhyun, this is not only recorded by an American artist, but given an added layer of new English lyricism and melodic reinterpretation – plus a live performance video, which was most definitely shot in the same location as Britney‘s “Work Bitch” music video. Can you say…legendaric?

The Ology crooner’s silky-smooth take on the hit song plays like a lost, early-to-mid ’00s R&B classic that smashed the Western charts. It doesn’t deviate too far from the original track’s melodies at all, but it’s been made into even more of a relaxing slow groove, and an immediately soothing, satisfying standout in this loving collection of odes.

“hope u enjoy this BoA classic with a new vibe 💎,” he wrote on the live performance video, which is also impressive – not just for the vocal performance, but also watching him constantly flirt with disaster as he breaks into dance moves barefoot standing on a tiny platform surrounded by water and electric equipment. Careful, Gallant!

Knowing BoA’s taste, I have a feeling this is going to stand out as one of her favorites to come from this collection. I hope she’s seriously feeling the love.

BoA’s debut album, ID; Peace B, is available as a CD at Barnes & Noble.

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