Get To Know Scribbles Who Through Her New Beautiful Single “2 Step”

Yet another stunning performance from a gorgeous singer-songwriter Scribbles Who, “2 Step” is a smooth blend of soul and r&b that refuses to obey any rules. Boasting powerful, melodic vocals, Scribbles Who is right where she belongs - in the mystical musical world where she gets to speak her truth and motivate others. 

Writing poetry and rapping from a young age, Scribbles Who soon took up songwriting as a natural progression. She sold the very first song she wrote and continued to write more for other artists in the coming years, gaining some major label placements. Starting 2018, however, Scribbles Who began writing songs for herself and her first official release arrived in fall 2021. “Poison” gave her the freedom of being an independent artist. This year she has been on fire, dropping soulful compositions including “2 Step”. 

Scribbles Who can be found on: Instagram - Spotify - YouTube