Giampaolo Pasquile Releases Two Astounding Singles; “Until The Rainbows End” And “What’s Going On”

Artist, music producer, and mix engineer Giampaolo Pasquile has just released two new singles, “Until The Rainbows End” and “What’s Going On”. The Italian artist is once again proving he is one of the true masters of the pop-fusion genre, thanks to his extensive life and professional experiences and musical gift. 

For “What’s Going” Giampaolo Pasquile teamed up with Stephen Sims to deliver one of the best existing covers of Marvin Gaye’s beautiful song. Pasquile brings joy, beauty, and poetry into our lives with these two incredibly well imagined singles, that can help us all find inspiration and clarity of vision during these troubled times. “Until The Rainbows End” is an original song that adds one more masterpiece to Giampaolo’s collection of over 150 releases, which all together exceeded 5 Million in​ sales throughout his fruitful career in the field.