GLVES Creates Mesmerizing Dark Folktronica on "Heal Me"

Australian First Nations singer-songwriter GLVES creates dense, deep, and darkish electropop that mesmerizes with its blend of electronics and native sounds. Her second single, "Heal Me", out today is very much of that ilk. It's an even "bigger" song than her debut "Abyss", which is also highly atmospheric, dreamy, and plays with drone elements. On "Heal Me", the deep bass notes and GLVES' dexterous voice that can jump octaves with ease give the song a feeling of vast openness. GLVES' vocals are nothing short of stunning and they stand front and center in a swirling and evocative soundscape. GLVES sounds fully-arrived on just her second single, with a sound she can proudly call her own.

GLVES tells PopMatters that "'Heal Me' is a really special song. When I wrote it, I was camping at Black Rock in Bungajung country in Northern New South Wales. I felt a really eerie vibe to that place; it's on the coast, desolate, rugged, and beautiful, but not altogether welcoming. I was confused about being in such a beautiful place, and feeling an unease, and I started writing the words and humming the melody."

"Heal Me" is a song about unearthing of your true self, and the process of peeling off the layers of conditioning, giving up the need for unattainable societal perfection and emerging as a precious metal, and honouring yourself authentically by letting yourself shine as you are. It's about trying to find the strength to perform that transition. The video was definitely something I wanted to create after I wrote the single. The concept came naturally, and I wanted to encapsulate the unearthing process by using stop-motion sand and clay. I love using natural and organic sounds and materials in my creations as it feels grounding."