Gospel release new 20+ minute song (listen)

NYC prog-screamo greats Gospel returned this year with their long-in-the-making sophomore album The Loser, which came 17 years after their classic debut, and it was worth the wait. Now they've also released a nearly-22-minute song that the band says was originally written sometime between 2005-2006, and which has become a "regular feature" of their live shows: "MVDM: The Magical Volumes Vol​.​1: The Magick Volume of Dark Madder or Magic Volume of Dark Matter or Just Magic Volume." They write:

Originally written sometime between 2005-2006, MVDM was an ambitious endeavor, originally intended to be one long sprawling track of an album. Creatively, it drained us, and we stalled out somewhere around the 19 minute mark. Despite being “unfinished business”, it became a regular feature of our live performances, and over time the composition took on a life and identity all its own. Close to 20 years later, we are grateful to finally document our weird behemoth thanks to the mastery of Kurt Ballou and Magnus Lindberg, and the amazing support of Dog Knights Productions.

The lengthy track leans heavily on Gospel's sprawling psychedelic side, and it's largely instrumental, but their screamy side does pop up. It's a great track, and it's worth every minute. Listen below.

At the moment, Gospel have two upcoming shows: Toronto's New Friends Fest this month and a hometown Brooklyn gig opening for French post-metallers Year of No Light at Saint Vitus Bar on August 12 alongside Planning For Burial.