Grand Larsonie Helps Us Find Inner Peace On New Track “Trans-porting”

The Baltimore, Maryland-based independent electronic artist/keyboardist Grand Larsonie who debuted his career last year with the release of “River Of Reflection”  is now back with a latest track titled “Trans-porting.”

He continues deploying his underground electronic experiments through a sophisticated melding of acid house and baltimore club, pairing minimalism with impact. 

Described as ”cyclical, mantra-like electronic compositions producing an eye-opening experience,” Grand Larsonie’s music is anything but average, helping the listener find the inner-peace we have all been struggling to have this past year. 

A classically trained pianist, Grand Larsonie’s nonconformist nature led him to take another path and explore underground electronic sonorities all the while focusing on his intuition and vision of music, and the result is simply astonishingly good!