Have Mercy return with new self-titled EP (watch the video for “I’m Gonna Be Ok”)

Baltimore emo band Have Mercy had initially said that their 2020 tour -- which followed the death of founding drummer Aaron Alt -- would be their last, but COVID cut that tour short, and a lot changed for frontman Brian Swindle over the past couple years. He got sober, got engaged, and started writing new material, and he eventually decided to reunite Have Mercy's mid 2010s lineup -- Brian, guitarist Andrew Johnson, bassist Nick Woolford, and drummer Todd Wallace -- and teased a new EP earlier this year. Now details on that EP are here. It's self-titled and due August 26 via ZODHIAC Records (pre-order), and we're premiering the soaring lead single "I'm Gonna Be Ok."

"When we wrote this song, I realized that it summarized my entire life as of late," Brian tells us. "I met the love of my life and wanted to move forward with her but couldn't until I took care of my issues. I had to get sober, get my mental health in check and just do better. This song was a reflection of all of that." Listen and watch the video below. Artwork and tracklist below too.

As for what the band's future holds, Andrew Johnson adds, "We can do whatever we want, and that’s what’s so great about where we are right now as friends and as a band. We can do tours – if we want to. We can do more music – if we want to. It’s a true democracy this time around, and we all have to agree to it."

Have Mercy

1. I’m Gonna Be Ok
2. Spit It Out
3. I Don’t Wanna Think Of You
4. Marry Me
5. I’ll Wait
6. Fast Car
7. Strawberry Hill