Hear the New, Classic Pop of the Parson Red Heads' "Turn Around" (premiere)

Lifetime of Comedy is the new release from the Parson Red Heads. The collection will be released on 13 November via Portland, Oregon's Fluff and Gravy label. The collection follows the band's 2017 effort, Blurred Harmony and features the lineup of Evan Way, new member Jake Smith and Brette Marie Way (drums, vocals), Robbie Augspurger (bass), and Raymond Richards (multi-instrumentalist, producer).

The Parson Red Heads' new single, "Turn Around", (released 25 September) demonstrates the group's penchant for chiming, Byrds-like guitars and sublime vocals, married with contemporary sensibilities. It's a pop tune, but pop as heard through ears more attuned to AM radio's glory days rather than streaming playlists and studio trickery.

Way says, "'Turn Around' started as a lot of the songs I've been writing these days do: "As a half-gibberish sung melody line, sung into my phone's voice memo while driving to work or the store. It stayed in that form for a good year before I found it, dusted it off, and brought it to the band."