How professional DJs select headphones | The Music Universe

Being a DJ isn’t an easy job; there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. One of them being the headphones. This is super important because you are constantly on the move so you need one that can survive this lifestyle with you. Choosing a headphone can be tricky, but take a look below at how the best DJs in the world make their decision in finding the perfect headphones.

The Strong Relationship Between DJs And Their Equipment

A lot of people, and that includes DJs too; think that you are only as good as your equipment, and for the most part, that statement is kind of true. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you are purchasing your DJ equipment. One of the things you’d be searching for is a decent pair of headphones. Among other things, of course, is that you need to be prepared to carry it around, assemble and disassemble, setting up shop at the right spot at that gig of yours, and test-drive everything beforehand.

You also need to have proper cases and protective cushioning in each to protect your gear and equipment from any possible damage. And this is super important for your headphones because they are considered to be fragile pieces of gear. But once you’ve made the right choice, you’re going to have a blast in your gigs.

Being Comfortable Is Paramount

This is one of the most important things for a DJ; you will have them on for hours on end. A lot of them are considered to be the best DJ headphones ever made just because of how comfortable they are. So make sure they feel good on your ears; not too tight, and not too big/small for the shape of your ears. It really makes a huge difference.

They Have To Be Portable And Equipped With a 1/4″ Jack

That’s the plug size if it’s not 1/4″ sized then you’ll need a converter to plug it into the majority of DJ mixers and controllers. If you are a digital DJ, having a pair that can fit in your bag along with your laptop, controller, and other essentials is perfect. Make sure they fit where you intend to store them as you’re on the move constantly.

Make Sure They Are Loud And Clear Enough

Whichever gig you go for, it’s going to be loud. A nice pair that sounds okay at home might not pump out enough volume for you to be able to hear them properly as you work. So ensure that they are loud and clear at high volumes; you need this because with the already noisy background, and people cheering on, then you need to know what mixes are being played out for them. That’s why loud and clear is what every DJ wants.

They Won’t Last Long If They Are Cheap

A DJ’s headphones have a hard life; they tend to be stepped on accidentally and yanked so make sure they are well attached when plugged in. You might stuff it in your bag quickly, or have drinks randomly splashed on them. Not to mention that you’ll be sweating into them constantly, so buy decent and well-made ones. Keep in mind that if you work with them a lot; you’ll probably replace them regularly if they are cheap.

It’s Recommended To Choose A Closed-Back Headphone

These types of headphones are ones with solid casing rather than the open ones around the earpieces. It’s much better because it ensures that the background noise is as isolated as possible from what you hear from your headphones. That’s important while you’re working so when you’re getting the next track ready; you need to be able to hear it clearly, and to do this with these kinds of headphones might involve pushing the volume up higher than normal. So be careful not to hurt yourself.

The Appearance Does Matter

Consider this job as a performance and you’re standing in front of people who are looking at you most of the time. Making sure your headphones look the part will make you feel more confident and charismatic, and that’s crucial if you want to be a good DJ.

What Kind of Mixing Stance Do You Pull Off?

One of the most common ways to use a pair of these is with one ear on, and one-off. This is a basic technique for mixing, as the free ear is listening to your monitor speaker while your other ear is monitoring the other channel. Many of them have the ability to spin one of the earpieces out of the way while wearing them, and if you are considering a pair like this then try it out first. Such a feature is not essential but figure out how you will wear the pair you’re considering when you’re mixing.

Should You Go For Premium Headphones?

Let’s be honest here; not even the most expensive pair can guarantee the listening experience you desire. Everyone has individual preferences depending on the genre of music they play, and what the people want; which means that what sounds great in your ear may not be that perfect for someone else. Nevertheless, high-end headphones tend to tick all the right boxes and are to some extent worth buying if you have the budget for it.
Just be sure to look for reviews and do your research well to get a clear idea of how they sound. There’s hardly ever need to shell out more money for extras that do little to improve the general experience. So it’s clear now that premium headphones are only worth it if they justify the hefty price tag with nothing more than an outstanding design and exceptional sound quality.

Picking out a nice pair of headphones for your gigs is harder than you think; there are certain aspects that you have to consider before making that purchase. You want to get your money’s worth, so don’t be lazy and not put in the effort of researching, and making sure you’ve made the right choice.