Iggy Azalea & Jimmy Butler Spotted Hanging Out In Malibu

It seems like everyone is trying to set Iggy Azalea up with a man, by claiming that every guy she's in a photo with is her new fling. She's previously denied dating Tyga after they collaborated together and she denied any link to DeAndre Hopkins after Instagram users were sure they were a couple. More recently, Iggy was spotted in Malibu leaving a restaurant with NBA star Jimmy Butler by her side. 

TMZ paparazzi got photos of the couple chatting, and seemingly enjoying their conversation and a source says they dined together in the establishment. We think the run-in was a coincidence of stars running in the same circles in Malibu and the two just had a little chat before leaving separately. 

"I already know not to talk to any rappers," Iggy said previously while on Tyler Henry's Hollywood Medium. "I know how we are. It just won't work and I know that. There's only enough room for one rapper per relationship and I'm taking that all up. It would be too ridiculous. I need balance in my life. I don't know how I would have any if they did the same thing as me. No thank you,