“In The Morning” Perfectly Fits Laszlo’s Image

On April 30, 2021, the multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Laszlo Jones delivered a long-awaited single titled “In The Morning.” He is supported by producer and bassist Michael Buens, also featuring Ralph Salmins on the drums and Michael Arrom on the piano. Kane Churko in Las Vegas perfectly mixes their talents.

The song expresses the contradiction between night and day—darkness and new beginnings. Laszlo’s hit new single is also backed with an eye-opening and perfectly meshed music video. The track is part of an album set to be released in the fall, backed up with five songs. Viewers are taken on a trip through the daily lives of a couple as things turn awry in the night. However, when the sun shines again, the woman is seen carrying on with her day as if the night before had never happened.

His extensive cultural background has played a significant role in his musical adventures. His free-like demeanor and ability to put emotions into words are what have set him apart from his peers.