Indie Fans Link Up! Lux Beauregard Released A Major Debut Single “Fireworks”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard released her debut single titled “Fireworks,” a hypnotic indie track set to cement her rise as one of the most promising indie artists of our new era. Her lyrical confidence on “Fireworks” is matched by the characterful production, which straddles Pop, Pop-rock, aligned with some cosmic feel, and much more. A major indie-pop release with real drama and humanity. Lux restlessly strives to create her very own aesthetics, made of a blend of musical dreamscapes and otherworldly messages and lyrics. Mixing personal lyrics with smooth, grooving instrumentation Lux created not just a great song, but a very earnest and heartfelt track. It's nearly a flawless song but we still would like to hear more risk and more creativity from this very talented artist. Follow Lux Beauregard on IG to learn about upcoming releases and check out “Fireworks” right here: