Jade Latrice’s “Somebody To Somebody” Is A Heartfelt And Personal New Single

American R&B singer-songwriter and recording artist Jade Latrice recently released a heartfelt and personal single titled “Somebody To Somebody.”

 In one of her recent interviews, when asked about the source of her passion for music, Latrice has explained that she had “​​been writing and singing since little. Was too shy to sing early on. As I grew, I gained more confidence because I knew my very own uniqueness and story is something the world experiences and can be heard through my music. I began to write in my early teens. Writing down my thoughts is therapeutic for me, my outlet. Some of my musical influences are Brandy, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, H.E.R, Summer Walker, Beyonce (especially with her performances), and Aaliyah. My love for R&B started early on especially since I grew up listening to my mom singing and playing this music as well. I’m inspired by how expressive they are with writing their thoughts as well as a means to express themselves through their art. My outlet is through writing as I enjoy putting my thoughts down to release and hope  my fans hear and/or relate to the story I’m trying to tell. I also enjoy listening to other genres as well.“

The inspiring young singer-songwriter is fiercely determined to continue rapidly expanding her presence in music, with several singles about to be released, and even an album in the making. 

Before dropping “Somebody To Somebody,” Jade Latrice had released two singles: “Make It Home” and “I Like It.”

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