John Fogerty's family recreates 'Cosmo's Factory' cover | The Music Universe

Family recreates album’s cover during quarantine

While self-quarantining together, the Fogerty Family recreated the cover of John Fogerty’s 1970 album Cosmo’s Factory, transforming it to Fogerty’s Factory. The family have also taken to their home studio during this isolation to create some music together as The Family Band.

“Bringing a little light from our home to yours. We are having a little family fun together during the pandemic,” the famous Fogerty shares. “It’s such a great feeling to be making and playin’ music surrounded by love. We all need to celebrate the life we have and remember how precious it is. I love music, I am listening every day. Makes everything feel better for me. Put the records on, pull out the old guitar, turn the radio up…and dance to the music!”

While the quarantine continues the Fogerty Family – Shane, Tyler and Kelsy – will be joining their dad for some musical fun covering songs from the classic Fogerty collection. You can see the foursome together on “Down on the Corner” with more to be released over the coming weeks.

Another Fogerty, Bob Fogerty who took the original album cover, came in to shoot the re-make. Cosmo’s Factory turns 50 in July and Fogerty’s 50 Year Trip continues!