Keith Thurman Rips Apart Pacquiao & Mayweather Rematch Talks: Watch

Thurman is still talking.

Keith Thurman and Manny Pacquiao had a title fight last month and in the end, . Thurman was undefeated heading into the fight but Pacquiao's footwork and ability to dodge punches were just too much for Thurman to deal with in the end. Ever since the end of that fight, . The first time these two fought against each other, the fight was pretty boring and Mayweather ended up winning. At the time, it was said that Pacquiao had a shoulder injury, although Floyd believes this was just an excuse.

As of right now, a rematch doesn't seem to be in the cards and as Thurman recently told TMZ, it's not something people really want to see.

"At the end to the day, nobody wants to see it," Thurman explained. "Real fight fans know, it ain't gonna be more exciting then what Keith Thurman just did."

It's clear that Thurman wants a Pacquiao rematch for himself, although there is no denying that a Floyd fight would be much bigger and would draw a lot more money. It can be said that perhaps Thurman is just saying this to ensure himself a rematch of his own, although that probably won't work out too well.