Kelsea Ballerini sneakily reveals 'Kelsea' track listing | The Music Universe

Kenny Chesney and Halsey are featured guests

Kelsea Ballerini has sneakily revealed the track listing to her upcoming third album, Kelsea, available March 20th Black River Entertainment. The country starlet tricked fans by publishing what appeared to be a blank white square on Instagram as the second pic promoting her new single “Hole In The Bottle,” available at midnight ET on Friday, Feb 28th. It was when fans began saving the image and adjusting the contrast that they realized the album’s 13 tracks were there.

Ballerini is credited with writing or co-writing all of the songs on the record that features Halsey and Kenny Chesney collaborations. The project is an introspective look into the emotions of the last two years of her life. Using songwriting as therapy, she explores everything from social anxiety to the importance of real friendships to new perspective on old heartbreaks to the realization that even the most independent, stubborn people need someone sometimes. The writing credits on this album are, in her words, “pretty RAD”. In addition to Nashville royalty Shane Macanally, Hillary Lindsay and Ashley Gorley, she wrote with Ed Sheehan, Tayla Parx, and Julia Michaels.

The album is included in Rolling Stone’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2020 list, and is her most authentically, self-aware reflection to date. This is the first time Ballerini has been in the producer’s chair throughout the project, co-producing each track. She allowed the songs to drive the sonic personality of the record, resulting in a broad range of production elements/styles.

The project will be available on CD, LP and iridescent pink vinyl. Merch bundles are available her website and include clothing and a signed lithograph.


1. Overshare
2. Club
3. Homecoming Queen?
4. The Other Girl (with Halsey)
5. Love Me Like a Girl
6. Love and Hate
7. Bragger
8. Hole in the Bottle
9. Half of My Hometown (feat. Kenny Chesney)
10. The Way I Used To
11. Needy
12. A Country Song
13. L.A.