Kelyes Exposes Her Warm & Soulful Style On New Track “Flashback”

Kelyes has one of those voices that will instantly make someone’s day, with her velvety tones and subtle fluid spirit. She recently released her debut single and music video titled “Not Around,” a striking production that strongly set the foundation of her career, and although it is still in the earlier stages, we can already anticipate that it is going to be a journey worth watching closely. 

Soon after having dropped “Not Around,” she is now releasing “Flashback,” and once again shows off her vocalist’s warm, soulful style, and penchant for catchy melodic constructions, reminding us not to ever lose sight of the beauty surrounding us at all times. Her forthcoming EP will be titled Kelyes & The Wave, and we are sure that if she build on her airy vocal deliveries in the same way that she did on “Not Around,” and “Flashback,” she will captivate audiences and continue creating organic music for the years to come.