Knicks Still Think Kevin Durant Could Have Been Theirs

Many believed Kevin Durant would go to the Knicks but he ended up going to the Nets instead.

Last season, . Some felt like he would stay with the Golden State Warriors while others were convinced that he would be going to the New York Knicks to play in the mecca of basketball. In the end, Durant decided to do neither of those two things and signed with the Brooklyn Nets. This decision hurt Knicks fans everywhere although considering how that team is run, Durant's choice shouldn't have been surprising.

According to Ian Begley of SNY, the Knicks are still under the assumption that they would have gotten Durant, had he not suffered an Achilles injury during the NBA Finals. Since Irving wanted to team up with KD, the theory is that Kyrie swayed Durant to go to Brooklyn as opposed to New York. Since Durant was injured, Kyrie had the leverage, thus solidifying their stay in Brooklyn.

Knicks Still Think Kevin Durant Could Have Been Theirs

Al Bello/Getty Images

While the Knicks probably tell themselves this just to sleep at night, KD has been adamant about the fact that the Knicks were never a heavy consideration from him. Not to mention, the Knicks made it clear that after his Achilles injury, they weren't interested in giving him a max deal.

Once again, the Knicks have shown why they haven't won anything in close to 50 years. Wishful thinking can only get you so far.